3161 views The vast amount of information and opinions for each essay question can be daunting. But it is important to remember that the clarity of your argue is the most important element.

The best way to approach RS questions is to consider the question carefully and write your thesis in one simple and concise sentence. Next, state three or four reasons why you hold this to be the case.

It is likely that some of these reasons will be counter arguments to your opposing view. Once you have these firmly fixed in your mind, order them in terms of importance.

This should form a clear structure of introduction, your three or four paragraphs and a conclusion.

This will be the skeleton of your argument onto which you can apply relevant details and examples RELIGIOUS STUDIES 'Individual religious experience does not make sense of belief in God. The sample answers in this resource have been The essay feels holistic and the candidate has made good use of the 35 minutes available to .

It is particularly helpful to construct some clear examples yourself when explaining you points as this will demonstrate understanding. The key things to remember are to be concise and clear in your argument and remain focused on the question and your thesis by following your plan.