Is a Degree in Theological Studies Right For You? Theology is a fascinating field that attracts students for a number of reasons. Students drawn to theology enjoy learning and the challenge of critical thinking.

A degree in theology also opens up a number of both secular and religious careers.

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Even students interested in careers outside of religion can benefit immensely from a theological education.

International students in particular find that a degree in theological studies can open up international job opportunities 22 Aug 2016 - Those actions can have positive effects on the world, such as social outreach or Don't get me wrong, the discipline of religious studies is not .

What is Theology? Theology is the study of religious thought and traditions.

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Theology versus Religious Studies Religious studies degrees often take a more historical or sociological approach to studying religion. In a sense, theology is the study of a religion from within that religion's traditions and perspectives, while religious studies take a more external perspective.

With this distinction in mind, theology might be thought of as closer to philosophy, and religious studies closer to history or sociology International students in particular find that a degree in theological studies can open with the intellectual history of their faith and may want a religious career..

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Why Study Theology? Students may be particularly drawn to theology for a number of reasons.

Whether debating issues in religious ethics, critically analyzing arguments for God's existence, or contemplating a long-standing metaphysical debate, the modern student finds that the benefits of studying theology extend well beyond simple job opportunities RELIGIOUS STUDIES 'Individual religious experience does not make sense of belief in God. The sample answers in this resource have been The essay feels holistic and the candidate has made good use of the 35 minutes available to .

Learn More About Yourself Students may also be drawn to theology for the opportunities it brings to learn more about their own or other religious traditions.

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Students drawn to studying faiths other than their own may find religious studies a more suitable degree, but even they should consider the unique perspective and insight that theological training can bring.

Learn About Religious Issues and Cultural Influences International students in particular may find that a choice to study theology abroad is particularly rewarding The vast amount of information and opinions for each essay question can be daunting. But it is important to remember that the clarity of your argue .

Going to other countries offers the possibility of studying a religion in the place where it was founded, or which play into the traditions and culture of your host country.

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Are You Made for a Theology Degree, Ask Yourself A degree in theology isn’t for everyone, as it is systematically studying the concepts of God and religious truths. Some might call this heavy, others might find this the basis for life.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if a degree in theology or religious studies is right for you: Do you enjoy questioning why things are the way they are?Do you find yourself reading religious texts on your free time?Have you found yourself spending an evening discussing religious truths?You don’t think debate is a bad word, you consider it a spiritual awaking.

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