CurlyC) Yes please that could be useful! Were you sent any resources on structuring the essay? Okay, I will aha. I missed 2 hours worth of work and because I had a meeting with my philosophy and ethics teacher cause (apparently) they are worried about my absences (mostly been ill but others skived haha) and my Ethics teacher just praised me and my structure, which was goood! He was like "get in there son!" Felt like I was at a football game, which was slightly awks for me since I hate Ethics and hate football. But I guess when I take English Literature and English Language at A2-level, it helps A LOT with essay writing.

S (Sorry for the extra stuff, I get into my replies far too much aha).

SS Btw, it's not going to be typed up because I haven't got time to type it up Religious studies/theology essays our religious studies essays and . We'll help thesis on order fulfilment you find the community resources you need so that..

My writing isn't too hard to read (slanted to the left) cause I know some people find it hard to read cursive calligraphy 22 Aug 2016 - Those actions can have positive effects on the world, such as social outreach or Don't get me wrong, the discipline of religious studies is not .

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