Recently, Rollie Nation, the Australian shoe brand with a global cult following recently reached an exciting milestone - it outgrew its original site. Founder Vince Lebon was faced with a difficult decision: find a new location with space for both a warehouse and office, or separate the two.

It's important to have an open-door policy when it comes to team communication. You want to be a leader that's approachable and encourage collaborative problem solving.

But how do you do this effectively without disrupting one's own productivity? Below, Mike Barouche, General Manager (Partnerships, Administration and Operations) from Australian Hotels Association (Victoria), explains his views on this common conundrum. After 8 years in business, the founders of digital consultancy Thirst Studios started to question their next move.

Ben Tollady and Andrew Gunstone found themselves asking: What is our passion? Is continuing on with the consultancy something we really want to do? Managing a team poses challenges even when everyone's in the same office. So how can a Managing Director lead an entire team from a remote office? Adam Griffith manages to do just that.

He's Managing Director of Get Started, a digital agency based in Melbourne, and he does it all from his home office over 300km away in Wodonga.